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Avail first-rate quality of Surgical Hemostatic Sponge, Absorbable Gelatin Sponge, Absorbable Hemostatic Sponge & Surgical Hemostatic Powder, etc.

About Us

We are manufacturer of Absorbable Gelatin Sponge USP with HEMOSPONGE brand. The company started its operation in 2016 at Surat, Gujarat, India. The facility has been established with long term vision to supply quality medical devices to domestic and international market. Our manufacturing facility have well designed cleanrooms for production of sterile devices and also equipped with quality control/microbiological labs for quality check. We offer wide varieties of gelatin sponge to suit any surgical procedures.

Quality Policy

We, at Goodwill, always put efforts to offer products of the highest quality to the customers. We believe that as a manufacturer of medical devices, high quality is not an added value rather than it is an essential requirement. We continuously buy latest technologies in production line in order to offer products of international standards. We strongly believe that quality is the result of the team work and so we always give the training and an appropriate motivating environment to employees for improving skills in carrying out processes. Our quality control is focused at fulfilling quality requirements. We make sure that manufacturing processes are carried out in accordance with established SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) and all the machines and instruments are calibrated and continuously operated on the set parameters for producing the products of the best quality. All the final products are run through series of quality tests before it gets released in the market.

Some of the core steps for quality of product taken at our facility:

  • Raw materials are procured from approved suppliers and Incoming raw materials are further run through internal quality checks.
  • Manufacturing and packaging go in the Cleanroom (Cleanroom established according to ISO 14644 series standard).
  • In-Process quality check at every stage is done diligently.
  • Packaging material and its sealing is validated to retain physical property.
  • Continuous feedback of customer and physicians are used to improve the offered products.


We are on a mission to expand our client-base through projection of quality work in nearly all business spheres. To accomplish our dream of earning huge profits every year, we better our production techniques time to time.

What Makes Us Reliable?

  • Quality Manufacturing: Tested base materials are utilized in production. Application of modern techniques in production eliminates possibility of defects in the offered line.
  • Excellent Packaging: Our company confirms about safe delivery of Surgical Hemostatic Powder, Medical Hemostatic Gelatin Sponge, etc., through quality packaging. We use informative and quality approved packaging materials.
  • Flexible Payment Option: We simplify monetary proceedings of valued customers by providing facility of online and offline transactions.

A Trusted Name In Markets

In a small period of time, our company has managed to acquire high market reputation. Reason of this lies in supreme handling of all business affairs. From sourcing of base materials to final production, testing, storage and shipment; everything is smoothly done without leaving space for any kind of errors.

In terms of market popularity, we are ahead of other companies because of our customer-focused approach. In sync with specific requirements of clients, production process is carried out at our enterprise. We work hard to keep quality of products in place also through application of a rigorous quality checking policy.

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